Monday, April 27, 2009


The reason I have decided to start a blog is so that you can be involved in our adoption process...and well just in our lives in general! :)
Some of you don't know, but Joey and I feel that God has put it on our hearts to Adopt a baby boy from an African Nation! We are very excited and know there will be many challenges in the process and in our lives following, but who are we to say "NO" to God?
God has always called Joey and me to do what is out of the married at a young age, no college degrees, planned to go to Africa for 5 months and left 6 months after we were married and 10 days after Joey was in a horrible accident, sold everything we owned to plan to go back to Africa, but instead He called us to a youth Pastor position with no training at all. So here we are, after being married 4.5 years and youth Pastors for going on 3 and God has another big plan for us..."Adopt a baby...oh yeah... and he's gonna be from Africa!" That's huge!
So we have done our part and have found an agency we trust, America World Adoption Agency, The agency Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife used to adopt their baby girls from china. They are a "True" christian agency :)
We went to a seminar this saturday and got a lot of information, we are still praying about which country specifically to put on our application... please pray with us, it is in between Rwanda and Ethiopia! After we send in the applcation they will contact us and then set up the homestudy process. We will be assigned a social worker who will do extensive interviews with Joey and me and come into our home to make sure it is baby friendly and homey!
Adopting is very expensive, the estimated cost, which depends on which country we choose, is between $17,800 and $33,010...good thing is, we qualify for a minister's discount!
I will be holding a small fundraiser for anyone who wants to help and be involved in the process of bringing home the "Turner Baby!"

I will be posting as our process changes, just be in prayer that the governments like us! And that we make all the right decisions! :)
Love you all!