Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 Months Celebration

As I stated earlier, we planned to do our monthly celebration tonight! Joseph wanted to have a date lunch then head to Lowe's to get paint and flowers! :) (this makes me extremely happy.) He told me he wanted to paint one of Julani's waiting projects in the garage. We had both a highchair and changing table that needed to be painted. We chose the highchair because we could use spray paint for this one. So here are a few pictures of the "Celebration."
FYI, My Dad built the tray and foot rest, b/c I bought this highchair for $5 and it didn't have them.

That is CoCo testing it out, he was Joseph's "Buddy" growing up. CoCo has been stitched in several places, I LOVE him! :)
I also made the next link in our "Wait Chain!"
I moved the count down in our living room so we could see it more! :)

2 months

We have now been waiting for 2 months! I'm very thankful this time is going by quickly for us!

The official 2 month mark was Thursday the 22, but this weekend has been super busy, we have yet to celebrate together. I plan on making the next link in the "Wait Chain" this evening/afternoon. I will post a picture as soon as I finish and we have our "Celebration."
I bought an old fashioned wooden high chair a few years ago and have yet to paint it. Maybe I will paint it as my 2 month Celebration! :) Will let you know soon! Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!
Fundraisers still in the making! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Upcoming Fundraisers!

We have a few fundraisers in the making for Fall and Winter!!

Christmas Ornaments
Hand knitted scarves
T shirts

The only one that is ready is: one scarf for sell on my friends and my etsy shop!
I will be making more in different colors as well! Feel free to look!

Stay tuned for the others!