Monday, August 22, 2011

1 month

We have made it through the first month of waiting! :)

To honor and remember I am making a "wait chain". I will sew a fabric ring and attach them together every month. The fabric will match his room so he will be able to have it forever! :)
Here is the first one in the top left corner of the chalk board. Brown hounds tooth fabric!

Tonight we are going to eat at a local Ethiopian restaurant "The Blue Nile!" We have been a few times and really enjoy the food, Ethiopian people and the decor! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia)

Dossier ready to be mailed (Paper Belly)

Our DTE date was July 22, 2011. This was the day the agency mailed it to Ethiopia. They told us that it might take a few weeks before it arrived at the Ethiopian AWAA do to stopping in other countries on the way. They sent me a tracking number to follow.. I waited a few days to see if it had even left America yet, on July 27th it had already been picked up by the AWAA staff in Ethiopia! WHAT? That was only 5 days! I'm feeling God's timing is quickly moving! :) So HAPPY!

Now our Official "wait" begins. The current wait time for a referral for an infant boy from Ethiopia is 10-16 months... This stretch was expected, but hoped against of coarse.
We are so ready to be parents. We will be celebrating every month of waiting that passes. We plan to do something related to Ethiopia, adoption, or something specifically for Julani (ie, go eat at an Ethiopian restaurant, do something in Julani's room, starting a new adoption book, etc...) I will be sharing how we celebrate each month on this blog! :)

While we were on our Sabbatical I was able to finish knitting Julani's baby blanket. It was my first attempt at knitting a blanket, its a little scrappy but, his mommy made it just for him! :) (Pictured)