Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monay Monay Monay Monay!.....Monay!!!!

Joey and I have decided it would be best if we had a good amount of money in the babies account before turning in the application, that way when it was time to move to the next step and pay, we wouldn't have to wait for the money to come in we could just move the process right along! No stress!

We have raised over $1,000 just from the bottle fundraiser and were just notified yesterday that a family in our church who has adopted all their 4 kids, has been raising money for us as well and she said around $3,000 will be coming in next week!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! That's crazy! Thank you JESUS!!! :)

Now that we are in good financial state for the adoption, we are going to wait to get through this other phase of our lives which will happen in September! :) So, sometime after September is when we will turn in the application and start the process of getting our baby! :)

Thank you for you help in the bottle fundraiser and for your prayers, that God's will will be done in the new phase of our lives! :)