Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worst Blogger EVER!

So I have been really bad at blogging lately.  I think because there isn't much more to report.
We are now 9 months DTE which is exciting. The time really is going by quickly.
The current wait time for a referral is still 18-24 months.

We have decided to continue as planned and wait for Julani to be our first child.  Unless God reveals otherwise.

Month 8, I was sewing the next link in the "Wait Chain" and my sewing machine wouldn't stop bunching the thread, so I need to have that fixed so I can sew the last 2 links.  I am also wanting to start making the projects I have in mind for the nursery. (Need my sewing machine to work.)

We recently purchased a dresser at a thrift store for $35 for Julani's room! Love good finds. It was painted brown with blue over spray on the top.  I'm wanting to strip it and stain it! :)

Here is the dresser still in the thrift store. (had to get permission from the hubby)

Please continue to pray that we will have patients and trust in the Lord's perfect timing for our family! :)