Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Study phase!

We have recently been contacted by our social worker. This will begin the "Home Study" phase. This is were we fill out yet more paper work, get a background check, get interviewed 4 times , i believe, which one will be in our home to make sure its suitable for a child and have to pay over $3,000. This is where you come in! I again thank you so much already for your donations and fundraising! We are in a very financially needy place right now, starting a church, moving, "Christmas" (hehe,) and adopting! we have the $3,000 but that is going to wipe our adoption fund clean! So when the next fee is due we will have none, and things are on a time schedule and if not met we will have to start the process fun! :(
So, if anyone has more fundraising ideas or would just like to donate and pray that would be much appreciated! I love everyone so much and will keep you posted as the steps happen! :)