Friday, September 18, 2009

Next Week!

Ok, I have said in a previous post that we had a few things that we wanted to get through before we applied!
Well I couldn't say before but most of you know now that Joey and I are starting our own church in central Houston, YAY!!! :) anyway we applied for a network that we want to be a part of and this past week we had a bootcamp for all church planting prospects (thats us.) So we went through the long application process and the assessment (interview) and are now ready to focus on the adoption! As of now we have over $6,000 in savings! thank you every one who has given and helped fill baby bottles! :)

So now that we have gone through the bootcamp and assessment, which went very well, we are ready to apply!

We have decided to fill it out one day next week, I say Monday but that is Joey's Sabbath so we wont focus on anything too "business" that day sooooo hopefully Tuesday if it's not too busy for him!

But I will blog after we submit it so be ready!

For more info on the church plant go to Joey's blog...