Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 7, 2013 @11:02am

This marks the time that we received the LONG awaited phone call. 

"Mrs. Turner, this is your referral call..."

WOW!!!! I don't even have words for how we felt when our agency told us we had a 4 yr old little boy named "A" (can't disclose his name until he is legally ours) waiting for us.  We weren't home when we received the call, but we couldn't wait to get home to check our email and see his little face.  We cried in amazement, happiness, joyfulness, and shock; you name it emotions were flying. :) We were finally parents!

When we saw his face, we'd never seen a more beautiful sight. His eyes were almond shaped and very big.  He had a cheesy grin and the brightest glow about him.  He was, OUR SON! :)

Now it's time to prepare:
  • Get His Room Ready
  • Register For The "Kid Shower"
  • Finish Renewing Documents
  • Renew Passports
  • Fill Out More Travel Paperwork
  • Prepare To Be Gone For Who Knows How Long

We were able to sign a Photo Release for another traveling adoptive family to take pictures of "A" while they were meeting their son and deliver a care package to him. We sent a new outfit, a Lion King coloring book and 2 matchbox cars.  I also wrote him a simple note just telling him we were praying for him and loved him. I signed it "Love, Mom & Dad"  This is real! :)

Didn't send the dinosaur this package!

We were blessed to not have to wait very long for a MOWCYA court date.  This is the date that the Ethiopian court is presented with our file and meets "A's" birth mother.  She will relinquish all rights to "A" and the court will either write a positive letter, and we will get our court date and meet our son, or they will request further investigation in our case. The date for this is May 24.  If they write a positive letter, we might receive a court date and make plans to travel to Ethiopia within 2 to 4 weeks.  I am praying for the positive letter and the 2 weeks. :)  If this is the case we will most likely be traveling at the end of June! :)

Needless to say, we have been over joyed and frantic since Mar 7th.  We have almost completed his room and finished renewing some paper work.
Please be praying for us and our son, until we are together as a family!