Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dossier in transit!

Well we have officially mailed our Dossier! :) :) :)

It has been a very emotional day in the Turner household! The day started very happy, having plans to mail our Dossier at lunch time. Before heading to mail it I was double checking everything and (not going into details) we discovered a HUGE obstacle, which would mean we could not mail it. Then the tears came and anxiety (first time for me to really feel it, not a fan.) Any ways, due to my wonderful husband and my amazing Father everything was solved and off we went... HAPPY tears at this point!
But I can OFFICIALLY say we are waiting! It is on its way to our agency to be checked and approved then hopefully by next Friday it will be heading to Ethiopia! :) (If everything is approved)
We are heading out early in the morning for our Sabbatical for 4 weeks. so no posts til we return, but please keep PRAYING! Love you all and thanks for caring about our Story!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Evening Was Spent...


We will be mailing it TOMORROW! I can not believe the time has come for us to mail off the "Paper Belly." We have 2 pictures to take and print tomorrow then we will be headed to Kinko's, making 3 copies and putting it in the mail!:) We are all smiles over here! :)
Pray that everything I do tomorrow is precisely the way it needs to be and that we don't miss anything! If something is missing or incorrect it will just take that much longer for me to fix. :( Sad! So no mistakes tomorrow! :)
I'm sure I will be posting again tomorrow just to confirm that we have mailed it off before our 4 week sabbatical!! :)