Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skipped a month... & UPDATE!

So,  I completely missed the 7 months post and in 2 more days it will be 8 months of waiting for our Ethiopian infant boy,  Julani! :)

My last post was about a longer wait, well the day before my birthday (March16th) we received another email stating the wait will be even longer and possibly grow. The wait started at 10-14 months moved to 14-18 and is now at 18-24...24 are you kidding me? Ahhh needless to say this caused some emotions and questions in the Turner household. This time is just to receive a referral, not including court date, travel, court and embassy clearance.

The biggest question that we are praying about this week is "Since we want more than one child, do we go ahead and pursue a quicker adoption option while we wait for Julani? Or does God just want us to wait to be parents for longer?"  The timing was good in a sense that Joseph was already taking this week to get away and rest, physically and spiritually, and write.  So we have decided to pray earnestly this week, separately, to keep emotions and influence away, about what to do and at the end of the week we will hopefully make a wise, Godly decision on what to pursue.
So PLEASE be praying this week with us and I will definitely let you know what we have decided to do.