Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm pleased to report that we have been accepted into the Ethiopia Program!

Joseph and I had plans to celebrate out 5 year Anniversary in Arkansas after visiting his family this past week, but the day we planned to leave Joseph woke up with a high fever. That progressed into me getting a high fever and just got worse from there, we are still overcoming it. Needless to say we stayed home in bed sick for our anniversary. But what made it amazing was the long awaited phone call. Joseph's phone rang and it was the adoption agency, they talked and I saw a HUGE smile on Joseph's face and he gave me the "infamous" thumbs up! Yay! Our application had been accepted! we had a few concerns about it, so it was a load off our shoulders. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

She told us she was going to be sending us a lot of paper work already to sign and fill out. To let you know how much, we got an email today with things to sign and mail in: (purple was copied from the email)

· Ethiopia Adoption Overview Packet – please read to gain a general understanding of the Ethiopia adoption process

· AWAA Agreement – please sign and return (25% Pastor’s discount reflected)

· Ethiopia Disclaimer – please sign and return

· Client Grievance Procedure – please sign and return

· Client’s Rights and Responsibilities – please sign and return

· Privacy Notice – please review

· Social Services Fees – for your reference

The bolded items above must be returned to us along with your initial program fee (amount noted in attached agreement form) before you are assigned a Family Coordinator to begin the Dossier building process. Please keep in mind that due to licensing regulations that America World must comply with, applications do expire, so we ask that families wishing to move forward return these required pieces to us as soon as possible.

Nice right? that's just today..

So as you can see this is a very tedious process, always something to be done, but we are on it! :)

My sister in law threw me a Southern Living at home fundraiser this past weekend that I was unable to attend, sick, and I want to formally thank everyone who attended and ordered from her! :)

This is still going to be a very expensive process and we still need lots of financial support, keep the baby bottles coming! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

It Has Been Done!

After a long few weeks of starting the missional gatherings, and bootcamp for our new church, we have finally submitted our application to America World Adoption Agency requesting a boy from ages 1-12months from Ethiopia! :)

Praise the Lord, the LONG process begins! All smiles :)

We are very excited that we have completed step one to becoming parents, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant, hehe!

This has been in God's plan for us and it's amazing to finally see it come through. Now through all my excitement I have to keep reminded that we still have to be accepted and there are still MANY stages we have to go through and get accepted by. So this is just step one, but I have Faith that this IS in God's will for us and what he wills comes true! :)

I will keep everyone updated on each step! Love you lots! :)