Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interviews Complete

I can not believe we have made it through our interviews! That was the scariest part of this whole process for me and it wasn't even that bad!
The experience was great, love our Social Worker!
In our first Home interview she did both of our individual interviews, getting our background and history. She also checked the house to make sure it was accommodating and up to codes.
The second interview was by far the toughest and most nerve racking for me. This is where she asked what our philosophy on parenting was and our ideas on discipline. She really helped us out by coaching our answers, but in a way that it was what we believed! :)
The Last interview was yesterday and was a joy. In this interview she was warning us of all the different struggles we might face after we bring him home and raising an adopted child. We were able to ask questions and she gave us fun ideas to try. The thing I brought home was how important bonding is. Of coarse I knew it was important but she made me see just how difficult it might be since I didn't carry him for 9 months and haven't known him for his entire life. Bonding may be instant (rare) or may take up to a year! She also gave us different scenarios of issues that might arise in him as an adopted child IE...loneliness, wanting to know who his birth mother was, why mommy and daddy are a different color. etc... It was very helpful and she says she will always be available for questions.

Now that we are finished with the Home Study process all together. The majority of the paper work is complete and now its will be a lot of waiting. We must wait for the Home Study to be reviewed and compiled into a report. Then we apply for an appointment to get fingerprinted, then wait for that to be processed and approved, all while gathering the last of the Dossier paper work. Once we get our fingerprints approved ( usually take 4-8wks) and all the paper work has been approved it is time to mail in our complete Dossier!

In the mean time I have been searching frantically for baby stuff! Things I want to register for to have him ready at our house!
Here is a list of the things I already have picked out:
  • Crib
  • Crib bedding
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • High Chair (already purchased)
  • and little everyday supplies!
This has been so much fun...once our Dossier is DTE ( Dossier to Ethiopia) we will register and hopefully have a baby shower! :) YAY I'm so excited!

"Thank you Jesus for everything!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Study Interview (in Home)

Got an email from our Social Worker today! We have scheduled our home study visit for this Saturday the 11th! I am soooo excited and nervous at the same time! I know the Lord is in control but I still feel nervous!
Please be praying that Joe and I will be confidant and calm. and that I don't miss an inch of dust or dirt in my house! :)