Thursday, December 30, 2010

Immigration Approved!

Today we received our Immigration Clearance in the mail! YAY!
I can not believe it took less than 2 weeks to process. We have been praying for God's timing and preparing for the longest, but wow apparently He is ready. LOL

Currently we are waiting for our references that should be ready this week or next, and I still need to pick up our police reports, take pictures and have everything notarized. I will be running around like crazy next week hoping to get it all done. We are also waiting on a few fundraisers to happen so we will be able to send the money in when we are ready.

This is so exciting, I am still in shock at how fast it went.
Please continue to pray for us and Julani!

As I've said before I am not a writer so forgive the scatter brain-ness of this post!:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis the Season

This Holiday Season has turned out to be a very busy one for Joseph and me. From making most of my Christmas presents, to attending lights in the Heights, shopping, planning a tacky Christmas sweater party, getting fingerprinted for immigration (worth it,) and finding out we are being sent to NYC on a vacation, TOTALLY PAID FOR! Praise the Lord! This was a complete blessing for us. We haven't been on a vacation that hasn't included a conference, retreat, mission trip or 100 youth in over 4 yrs. :) We will leave the morning of the 20th and be back on the 23rd.

We have also been blessed with a nice Christmas bonus and were able to buy warmer clothes for our NYC trip and put a good chunk in our "Adoption Fund" account! :)

We have had our last required appointment. All we have left is a small amount of paperwork to get done. As soon as the fingerprints are processed we will be ready to send off our Dossier! :)

I am so excited to become a parent! I think this will be our last Christmas without a child. I sometimes picture Julani in our house or rocking him in his rocking chair! I just can't wait to have him in my arms!
Please continue to pray for God's will in our lives. Love you all and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Outside decorated for Christmas

Outside picture of our house decorated for Christmas...I absolutely love it!

Tree topiary on the front porch
(looks like a post card to me) hehe :)

Metal present stakes my mom bought this year!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas house pictures

As I described in the previous post, here are some pictures of the inside of our house this Christmas! :)

Our little tree, smaller house so we opted for a small tree! :)

TV stand and front door.

My sleeping Christmas puppies! I knitted their "scarfs"

End table, top shelf has our "Delafuente" Christmas poem on it!

Hutch in the dinning room.
Outside to come...

Hello Christmas...

It's that time again! The most wonderful time of the year!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with my side of the family, both my mom's side and my dad's side come to my parents for Thanksgiving, we had around 25 people this year! We enjoyed turkey, ham and all the trimmings, a plethora of desserts and good company.
IT was good to see my cousin from England and the newest additions to the family, Emma Kate and baby Ben. Cousins only months apart.
The day after thanksgiving the men went quail hunting. Every time they go on a hunt they always have fun and exciting stories to tell, and pictures from Mike, (shoots more with the camera than the gun. hehe ) I was able to re-teach my sister how to knit, after many holes I think she's got it! :)
That night we have our "Sumrall"(Dad's side) family Christmas gift exchange (Don't get to see that side for Christmas) this was very fun this year. Everyone was shocked to see that I stole from my Grandmother and Joseph stole from my Grandfather, hehe...all in good fun! :)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the day Joseph and I decorate for Christmas. We keep most of my families traditions. A neighbor helped Joseph do the outside lights while I decorated the inside, then we headed to get the Christmas tree. While decoarting the tree we played Christmas music and drank eggnog (Bordens of coarse.) I wore my brothers old sweatshirt (not hoody) that is bright red and says "Fa la la la la." Classy!
I'm proud to say I absolutely love this house decorated for Christmas. It is by far the best looking we have had since we have been married.
We do not have a fireplace in this house, which is disappointing but we are managing and being inventive with our stockings.
Picture of the house to come!

We are thinking and hoping this will be our last Christmas with out our son! I cannot wait for next year! We have received our fingerprinting appointment, it will be Friday morning Dec 17th! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do's & Don'ts

While going through my required Hague training. One of my required reading is entitled "Cross-Cultural Adoption: The Do's and Don'ts for Grown Ups" I absolutely loved it! I want to post the link for any of my friends so you can be a little more educated along with me!

Hope you feel a little more equipped! hehe! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I600A in the mail

We finally received our notarized "official" Home Study packet in the mail on Friday the 5th. There are 4 copies, 1 for our records, 1 to submit in our Dossier, 1 for America World, and 1 to submit with our I600A.
The I600A is a form you submit to the immigration office to set an appointment to get fingerprinted and to be approved to bring a non US citizen into the country to become a citizen.

Joseph dropped it off at the post office today! Another step done! :)
Once they process our paper work they will set an appointment for us to come get fingerprinted. After that is finished we wait for them to process the fingerprints and approve! This process takes around 6 to 12 weeks. Hoping for 6...
This is where we are now and I will keep you posted!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

While I'm waiting...

While I'm waiting to gather everything i need for our Dossier to be complete, I have been searching for things for Julani's nursery.
I found this fun, funky, retro, modern crib set that my heart is set on. by Litto kids
After showing this to a few friends and family, my sister just presented me with this lovely owl painting and owl pillow that she made.

She is so talented!

She also bought these wonderful gifts for him...owls for Mommy and dinosaurs for Daddy!

I have also begun to knit a patchwork afghan for the are the colors and the start of my knitting...That's a brown(chocolate) not purple..sorry for the crazy camera quality.

Also a good friend painted this for his room ... ...and I found this little pony in my parents garage!
I am going with a retro theme obviously focusing on owls, but I just love the colors and I'm looking for retro pieces to go as well! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interviews Complete

I can not believe we have made it through our interviews! That was the scariest part of this whole process for me and it wasn't even that bad!
The experience was great, love our Social Worker!
In our first Home interview she did both of our individual interviews, getting our background and history. She also checked the house to make sure it was accommodating and up to codes.
The second interview was by far the toughest and most nerve racking for me. This is where she asked what our philosophy on parenting was and our ideas on discipline. She really helped us out by coaching our answers, but in a way that it was what we believed! :)
The Last interview was yesterday and was a joy. In this interview she was warning us of all the different struggles we might face after we bring him home and raising an adopted child. We were able to ask questions and she gave us fun ideas to try. The thing I brought home was how important bonding is. Of coarse I knew it was important but she made me see just how difficult it might be since I didn't carry him for 9 months and haven't known him for his entire life. Bonding may be instant (rare) or may take up to a year! She also gave us different scenarios of issues that might arise in him as an adopted child IE...loneliness, wanting to know who his birth mother was, why mommy and daddy are a different color. etc... It was very helpful and she says she will always be available for questions.

Now that we are finished with the Home Study process all together. The majority of the paper work is complete and now its will be a lot of waiting. We must wait for the Home Study to be reviewed and compiled into a report. Then we apply for an appointment to get fingerprinted, then wait for that to be processed and approved, all while gathering the last of the Dossier paper work. Once we get our fingerprints approved ( usually take 4-8wks) and all the paper work has been approved it is time to mail in our complete Dossier!

In the mean time I have been searching frantically for baby stuff! Things I want to register for to have him ready at our house!
Here is a list of the things I already have picked out:
  • Crib
  • Crib bedding
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • High Chair (already purchased)
  • and little everyday supplies!
This has been so much fun...once our Dossier is DTE ( Dossier to Ethiopia) we will register and hopefully have a baby shower! :) YAY I'm so excited!

"Thank you Jesus for everything!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Study Interview (in Home)

Got an email from our Social Worker today! We have scheduled our home study visit for this Saturday the 11th! I am soooo excited and nervous at the same time! I know the Lord is in control but I still feel nervous!
Please be praying that Joe and I will be confidant and calm. and that I don't miss an inch of dust or dirt in my house! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's in the mail!

WOW what a day!!! We have sent in our Home Study packet! I am soooooo HAPPY right now! I can feel my heart doing somersaults. AHHHH I just can't believe I actually accomplished something hehe! I don;t even know how to explain the excitement. I guess you just have to go through it yourself! Huge weight is off my shoulders (sooo much paper work.)

Next, we wait to schedule our interviews. When we get our interviews scheduled, they will come into our home and make sure it is suitable for a child and that we are capable of raising a child. There will be 3 interviews with in 4 days possibly fewer days. This will be very nerve racking. So pray for our patience and my ability to clean this old house. :) Here are a few pictures of today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not when we planned

Well, we were hoping to get to send our Home Study packet originally last week, then this week, now its looking like next week. Sad, first we had to get our results for our blood work and i didnt know Joseph had to be there to sign for his, and he couldn't go until today. Then we were waiting on our employment verification letter which we were supposed to get last Monday but we did get it this Monday! Now we are waiting on when we can rewrite or i guess fix, our auto biographies. Apparently we weren't clear enough on a few things so I have to elaborate on it! Ahhhhh! I am hoping that I will get it done this week (need Joe's help to write and he's so busy) so i can send it off as soon as possible! Craziness! But again in God's timing and He knows whats best! So we are still all smiles! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress update!

I have been posting a "Photo blog" on facebook, but wanted to share them with you as well! So here you can physically see our process!
Putting the binder together
Joey measuring the house for the floor plan.
Flowers Joey bought me to celebrate our "Paper Pregnancy!"
Dad signing the guardianship agreement!
Mom signing the guardianship agreement!

Putting the house photo's together and writing descriptions!

Tomorrow we have our physical exams and are receiving out employment verification letter, then all we need to do is write our autobiographies and it is ready to be sent in the mail!

First clothing items!

I have just been so excited about being a mommy! I ordered Julani's first item of clothing!! They are dinosaurs because Joseph has always loved dinosaurs! So that was his "Daddy to be" present!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the Official Journey Begins!

Today started with a nice cup of Joe! (hehe)
Then came 11 O'clock!! Bam, I started filling out papers like a mad woman, things were being signed, things were being copied, printed, filed! 6 hrs later I am almost ready to send in my home study packet! YAY!!!!! :) I got more done today than I have since our application was accepted in October! :)

A BIG thanks to my new best "Adoption" friend Angel Weir! You were on it today and kept me motivated! Thank you!

I have a list of things that i need to accomplish this week so I will be staying up late tonight to finish what I can then making phone calls and picking up picture tomorrow! :) Should have a next step by the end of next week! :)

I have made an adoption time line so you can watch my progress! its to the right of my blog! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adoption Binder!

Pictures of my new Adoption Binder! Here we go!!! :) Bring that boy home!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And we have help!

After posting that last post I suddenly got motivated and asked someone that I have only met once, who has adopted 2 beautiful girls and is currently adopting a boy from Ethiopia as well, if she would help me since she's been through this before. And she said YES!! YAY!
We are meeting before church on Sunday afternoon and she is going to help me get organized! I cried when I read her email, because now I feel like this is going to happen and I am going to be a mommy! YAY! :)
Joseph had to calm me down and tell me that obviously we weren't quite ready before but God's timing is always perfect and he knows when to put a fire under my bottom! So, Here we go...It's time to bring home Julani and I wont stop til he's in my arms! :)
Thank you Angel for helping me! here is her blog...

Not much to report...

Well, I hate to say it , but we haven't gotten very far with our process. Totally my fault.
As I stated in my previous post I am scattered brained and get over whelmed with just having a list of things i need to do. So I am praying that I can find a "friend" who is also in the process or has gone through it before that can guide me and possibly help me a little. I am so ready for my son that its making me mad that i don't have him yet. LOL!

On the other hand we are continually being blessed financially, the money just keeps coming in! Thank you Jesus! :) I am really hoping to get the move on this process, so please keep praying that i get motivated and "JUST DO IT!"
My husbands office has been in our spare bedroom (baby's room) since we moved in and now this week he got an out of the home office so I'm hoping that now that the baby's room is open it will be a motivation to get him here to fill it! :)
I will post when we get through our next step! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, we have now moved into our new home in the Houston Heights, we are loving it!

This means that it is time for me to buckle down and finish this Home study process. I have looked into all the requirements and the papers i need to gather and needless to say I will be running around, making copies, being inspected and interviewed, and filling out papers for a good while. Fun Fun!

Joseph returned from a conference in Austin on Saturday a changed man. He said the whole of the conference was great, but the last day was the most emotional and personally life changing for him. The people who played the worship for the conference was a man named Aaron Ivey and his band. Their whole life and ministry is to raise awareness and money for adoption and the importance of the church's role in adoption. Each band member had adopted at least one child from Haiti, and Aaron himself has adopted 3. He told his story of each adoption process and even wrote a song about 1 of the adoptions. It's called "Amos Story", those are the names of 2 of his children, Amos and Story. The passion of the song is he is speaking to Amos before they actually received him, telling him to believe and singing "I'll find a way to get you here, if it takes my fleeting breath," " I hope you know there is someone searching for a way to get you here, I'll get you here!" wow that got Joseph so hard. Just imagine knowing your child is in third world country feeling that no one wants him. This Child Amos was also just found on the streets, malnurished and injured. Aaron saw a pic of him and felt God told him that was his son, he is 5 yrs old I believe.

I just wanted to share that with you and I hope everyone will look up that song, it's amazing!

So... we have a huge passion to get our baby home, and soon! We will do whatever it takes.

Please Please Please keep me in your prayers, as many of you know I'm a little scatter brained and I want to make sure I do everything the proper way and understand all the legal requirements properly! So pray for understanding and discipline!

Thanks for your support, Julani will be here soon we pray! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I want to give God Praises!!!!

as you can tell we were a little worried about our finances to pay for the next steps that will be coming soon!

Last week we received a large check from people who have been giving to us through our church, my good friend Robin and her husband gave us a full bottle with extra cash in it and my life long friend Dani gave me money for the adoption for Christmas, and my sister in law just gave me money from a friend at church! CRAZY!!!

People really love us!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us through your people!!!!!