Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And we have help!

After posting that last post I suddenly got motivated and asked someone that I have only met once, who has adopted 2 beautiful girls and is currently adopting a boy from Ethiopia as well, if she would help me since she's been through this before. And she said YES!! YAY!
We are meeting before church on Sunday afternoon and she is going to help me get organized! I cried when I read her email, because now I feel like this is going to happen and I am going to be a mommy! YAY! :)
Joseph had to calm me down and tell me that obviously we weren't quite ready before but God's timing is always perfect and he knows when to put a fire under my bottom! So, Here we go...It's time to bring home Julani and I wont stop til he's in my arms! :)
Thank you Angel for helping me! here is her blog... thevoiceofadventure.blogspot.com


Angel said...

Oh my word. That is so sweet now I'M going to cry!! I absolutely agree with Joseph. God is so good about knowing when to give us a fire in our hearts! A couple of weeks of go I had no idea we would be in the middle of an adoption right now! Lol! When I met YOU I had no idea. God is so good to send us every tool we need EXACTLY when we need it. I believe in my heart God is pushing u right now and providing the money now because your son is getting ready to come home!! Soooo amazing!

All this time is NOT wasted. Every moment God has been getting you ready to be incredible parents to this little one.

I could not be more thrilled to be a tiny part of this journey. You couldn't give me a better gift than to let me help you bring that boy home and let me hug him when he gets here. That is pure joy.

Hugs, Angel

Emily said...

thank you so much Angel, You have already been a huge help! Reading your blog was such an encouragement, to see your passion for getting your son, opened my eyes to see that It can be done and with Joy!
I feel more ready than I ever have, So it is God's perfect timing! :) Yes you will be a huge part in our adoption and family in the future! :)