Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the Official Journey Begins!

Today started with a nice cup of Joe! (hehe)
Then came 11 O'clock!! Bam, I started filling out papers like a mad woman, things were being signed, things were being copied, printed, filed! 6 hrs later I am almost ready to send in my home study packet! YAY!!!!! :) I got more done today than I have since our application was accepted in October! :)

A BIG thanks to my new best "Adoption" friend Angel Weir! You were on it today and kept me motivated! Thank you!

I have a list of things that i need to accomplish this week so I will be staying up late tonight to finish what I can then making phone calls and picking up picture tomorrow! :) Should have a next step by the end of next week! :)

I have made an adoption time line so you can watch my progress! its to the right of my blog! :)

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Angel said...

AWWW!! I TOTALLY forgot about their sweet cards! :o) SO happy to be your adoption BFF. Angel