Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress update!

I have been posting a "Photo blog" on facebook, but wanted to share them with you as well! So here you can physically see our process!
Putting the binder together
Joey measuring the house for the floor plan.
Flowers Joey bought me to celebrate our "Paper Pregnancy!"
Dad signing the guardianship agreement!
Mom signing the guardianship agreement!

Putting the house photo's together and writing descriptions!

Tomorrow we have our physical exams and are receiving out employment verification letter, then all we need to do is write our autobiographies and it is ready to be sent in the mail!

First clothing items!

I have just been so excited about being a mommy! I ordered Julani's first item of clothing!! They are dinosaurs because Joseph has always loved dinosaurs! So that was his "Daddy to be" present!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the Official Journey Begins!

Today started with a nice cup of Joe! (hehe)
Then came 11 O'clock!! Bam, I started filling out papers like a mad woman, things were being signed, things were being copied, printed, filed! 6 hrs later I am almost ready to send in my home study packet! YAY!!!!! :) I got more done today than I have since our application was accepted in October! :)

A BIG thanks to my new best "Adoption" friend Angel Weir! You were on it today and kept me motivated! Thank you!

I have a list of things that i need to accomplish this week so I will be staying up late tonight to finish what I can then making phone calls and picking up picture tomorrow! :) Should have a next step by the end of next week! :)

I have made an adoption time line so you can watch my progress! its to the right of my blog! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adoption Binder!

Pictures of my new Adoption Binder! Here we go!!! :) Bring that boy home!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And we have help!

After posting that last post I suddenly got motivated and asked someone that I have only met once, who has adopted 2 beautiful girls and is currently adopting a boy from Ethiopia as well, if she would help me since she's been through this before. And she said YES!! YAY!
We are meeting before church on Sunday afternoon and she is going to help me get organized! I cried when I read her email, because now I feel like this is going to happen and I am going to be a mommy! YAY! :)
Joseph had to calm me down and tell me that obviously we weren't quite ready before but God's timing is always perfect and he knows when to put a fire under my bottom! So, Here we go...It's time to bring home Julani and I wont stop til he's in my arms! :)
Thank you Angel for helping me! here is her blog...

Not much to report...

Well, I hate to say it , but we haven't gotten very far with our process. Totally my fault.
As I stated in my previous post I am scattered brained and get over whelmed with just having a list of things i need to do. So I am praying that I can find a "friend" who is also in the process or has gone through it before that can guide me and possibly help me a little. I am so ready for my son that its making me mad that i don't have him yet. LOL!

On the other hand we are continually being blessed financially, the money just keeps coming in! Thank you Jesus! :) I am really hoping to get the move on this process, so please keep praying that i get motivated and "JUST DO IT!"
My husbands office has been in our spare bedroom (baby's room) since we moved in and now this week he got an out of the home office so I'm hoping that now that the baby's room is open it will be a motivation to get him here to fill it! :)
I will post when we get through our next step! :)