Saturday, October 16, 2010

While I'm waiting...

While I'm waiting to gather everything i need for our Dossier to be complete, I have been searching for things for Julani's nursery.
I found this fun, funky, retro, modern crib set that my heart is set on. by Litto kids
After showing this to a few friends and family, my sister just presented me with this lovely owl painting and owl pillow that she made.

She is so talented!

She also bought these wonderful gifts for him...owls for Mommy and dinosaurs for Daddy!

I have also begun to knit a patchwork afghan for the are the colors and the start of my knitting...That's a brown(chocolate) not purple..sorry for the crazy camera quality.

Also a good friend painted this for his room ... ...and I found this little pony in my parents garage!
I am going with a retro theme obviously focusing on owls, but I just love the colors and I'm looking for retro pieces to go as well! :)


Lynzi said...

I love the bedding! Well, really, I love it all!

And the Ultrasound pic! Too cute! :)

Amy said...

That painting is SO AWESOME!!! I want one!