Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not when we planned

Well, we were hoping to get to send our Home Study packet originally last week, then this week, now its looking like next week. Sad, first we had to get our results for our blood work and i didnt know Joseph had to be there to sign for his, and he couldn't go until today. Then we were waiting on our employment verification letter which we were supposed to get last Monday but we did get it this Monday! Now we are waiting on when we can rewrite or i guess fix, our auto biographies. Apparently we weren't clear enough on a few things so I have to elaborate on it! Ahhhhh! I am hoping that I will get it done this week (need Joe's help to write and he's so busy) so i can send it off as soon as possible! Craziness! But again in God's timing and He knows whats best! So we are still all smiles! :)

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