Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, we have now moved into our new home in the Houston Heights, we are loving it!

This means that it is time for me to buckle down and finish this Home study process. I have looked into all the requirements and the papers i need to gather and needless to say I will be running around, making copies, being inspected and interviewed, and filling out papers for a good while. Fun Fun!

Joseph returned from a conference in Austin on Saturday a changed man. He said the whole of the conference was great, but the last day was the most emotional and personally life changing for him. The people who played the worship for the conference was a man named Aaron Ivey and his band. Their whole life and ministry is to raise awareness and money for adoption and the importance of the church's role in adoption. Each band member had adopted at least one child from Haiti, and Aaron himself has adopted 3. He told his story of each adoption process and even wrote a song about 1 of the adoptions. It's called "Amos Story", those are the names of 2 of his children, Amos and Story. The passion of the song is he is speaking to Amos before they actually received him, telling him to believe and singing "I'll find a way to get you here, if it takes my fleeting breath," " I hope you know there is someone searching for a way to get you here, I'll get you here!" wow that got Joseph so hard. Just imagine knowing your child is in third world country feeling that no one wants him. This Child Amos was also just found on the streets, malnurished and injured. Aaron saw a pic of him and felt God told him that was his son, he is 5 yrs old I believe.

I just wanted to share that with you and I hope everyone will look up that song, it's amazing!

So... we have a huge passion to get our baby home, and soon! We will do whatever it takes.

Please Please Please keep me in your prayers, as many of you know I'm a little scatter brained and I want to make sure I do everything the proper way and understand all the legal requirements properly! So pray for understanding and discipline!

Thanks for your support, Julani will be here soon we pray! :)


aubrey09 said...


You need to update and tell us what's going on since February! How is the new church going? How is the adoption progressing?

Love you, Gay

Carrie said...

This song is amazing. And we do need more updates!!! =]

The Brannan Brief! said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Emily! I'm running around the house so excited right now. I'm in Houston at my grandparents and my cousin Wade McCombs just told me about y'all. In my head, I was thinking, "Gosh...that sounds familiar..." I had this weird feeling y'all were America World people! Sure enough, I googled your blog and saw AWAA! Mark and I live in New Orleans now, but we are also requesting a boy 0-12 months from ET. I think we're in the same stage as y'all. I would love to meet up with y'all sometime! We only know 3 other couples in New Orleans adopting from ET. Only one of those is America World, so Mark and I know that many of our adoption network might be in Houston (until God starts moving people to adopt in NOLA). I'm so happy to hear that y'all are adopting, that you love Jesus, and that you know my cousin! :)

The Brannan Brief! said...

BTW: email is and blog is