Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dossier in transit!

Well we have officially mailed our Dossier! :) :) :)

It has been a very emotional day in the Turner household! The day started very happy, having plans to mail our Dossier at lunch time. Before heading to mail it I was double checking everything and (not going into details) we discovered a HUGE obstacle, which would mean we could not mail it. Then the tears came and anxiety (first time for me to really feel it, not a fan.) Any ways, due to my wonderful husband and my amazing Father everything was solved and off we went... HAPPY tears at this point!
But I can OFFICIALLY say we are waiting! It is on its way to our agency to be checked and approved then hopefully by next Friday it will be heading to Ethiopia! :) (If everything is approved)
We are heading out early in the morning for our Sabbatical for 4 weeks. so no posts til we return, but please keep PRAYING! Love you all and thanks for caring about our Story!

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