Sunday, May 17, 2009

Country chosen...

Well we have prayed and fasted and have decided on adopting from Ethiopia! There was a lot to consider for us personally in this decision and we feel at peace about it!
We still haven't sent in our application yet, apparently we weren't prepared, didn't have all the paperwork we needed ready to be sent in. As soon as we get it we will fill out the application and send it in and the process will FINALLY begin!
We are so excited to go through this process! It feels more real everyday! And we are "One day closer" to receiving our baby boy everyday!

Other than the adoption, God is doing so much in our lives! He is rattling our comfort in so many ways. It's a very good thing, but as American's, it gets a little uneasy. But we are trusting Him to know what He is doing! And that He knows what we need to be most effective so He gets the most Glory!