Monday, November 23, 2009

NEW Fundraiser!

I have found a new way of raising funds that is easy and cheap for everyone!

RECYCLE your used ink cartridges! There is a company that will buy them from me and pay for the shipping! :)

So I ask that you save them and get them to me as you use them! :)

They only accept ink jet cartridges that are original manufacturer's brand such as HP, Lexmark, Dell, Canon and Sharp only. And have a print head.

Also we have turned in the first amount of paper work and the first program fee of $1,125!

Thanks everyone for participating in or fundraisers! Still accepting baby bottles as well! I have tons if you would like one!!!!


Rachel Catchings said...

What are you doing with the bottles?

Rachel Catchings said...

Nevermind... I read further. =] What a great idea.