Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4 months Celebration!

This month is perfect to celebrate, Thanksgiving is in 2 days and what more to be thankful for than being another month closer to being a family of 3.
We are also thankful that all but 8 of the cookbooks have sold, and we have been blessed with far more than we expected to raise with them!

Added a little blue to the "Wait Chain."

I had a little fun with the 4 months "Wait Chain" link pictures this month. :)

This past weekend I had a few girls from my church come over and help make and decorate cinnamon ornaments (another fundraiser.)  We had a great time giggling and letting our creative juices flow! :)Here are a few of the ornaments that we made, there are a lot more, but I just chose one of each shape for the picture!
Lots and lots of glitter!

Have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We have a lot to be thankful for!

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Donna Sumrall said...

"Unicorns and glitter!" Oh no, that's something else! Hurray for our sweet Julani getting closer each passing month to coming home to his loving family! I pray for you Julani. May Jesus wrap you in His arms till you are safely in your mommy & daddy's arms! Love you....Nonna :)