Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 months celebration

**This is way over due**

As of December 22nd 2011 we have waited 5 months for a referral.  
We took a mini vacation to Boston a few days before Christmas. Love that city!  Since we were there on the 22nd we decided to Celebrate by buying Julani some Celtics gear. We had already purchased ourselves plenty of Celtics gear and were lucky enough to attend a pre season game at the TD Garden! *Huge Celtics fans!!!

CoCo is modeling Julani's new Celtics hat.
I didn't get around to sewing the wait chain link until after the Holidays but here it is. #5, the pattern starts to repeat.  I re worded the "count up," still a little awkward but I think better. :)

**wish I had better handwriting :(**

I am loving that the chain is growing but I hope it doesn't get too big, I am ready to have my son!
The current wait time for a referral is 10-16months, that mean we could be half way through.  Not getting our hopes up and completely leaving it in God's hands. :)

One of my goals for 2012 is to see my boys face. I pray that happens.
And to start putting his room together, I have a lot of stuff that I have purchased but it's just piled and randomly placed in the "Guestroom," that I am ready to turn into the "babies room."

Continually praying for patience and Faith!

I will post a little peak into our Boston trip and Holidays in the next few days!

Love & Blessings to All,

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Heather said...

Yay! We are here in kingwood now, we should grab lunch or something one of these days.