Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I know I know...

Yes I've been lacking in the blog area of my life!
I don't want to put much that doesn't have to do with the adoption and we are still waiting to get our references in order before we apply!
But, with the bottle fundraiser we have raised over $600!
Thank you everyone who has filled a bottle, is filling a bottle, wants to fill a bottle or have just donated money!
It's been a blessing and will help lift the financial burden of getting our baby and starting our little family! :)
I've gotten a little ahead of the game and have pretty much picked out everything i want for his room! I'm not going to register til we get accepted but it wont take long since i know what i want! hehe!
I will prob paint his room soon...1. becasue I'm ready to decorate and 2. because it just looks nasty un painted! hehe!

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