Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Prayer!

There are a lot of changes taking place in our lifes right now and I am asking for prayer. We pray that the Lord will give us strength through the tough times, wisdom to make the right decisions, and peace so we dont freak out, haha!

We have decided to wait for the right time to send in our application, we don't want to be overwhelmed and not be able to enjoy the process! We want to be rested and energized ( a vacation would help) during the lengthy process!

This is a little sad for us because we are so extremely ready to be parents but we don't want to be stressed parents either! That's why we want it to be God's timing and not ours! We want to bring the baby into a peaceful home, active yet peaceful!

We are still raising money and maybe when the time comes for all of our payments we will have the money ready and waiting, instead of us stressing for it to come in!

Thanks for your love and support through this transition in our lives!
We love you all and will keep you updated!

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