Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 months celebration

Sorry this is...3 days late.  We celebrated 3 months of waiting on the 22, like every month.   This month on the 23rd was our 7 year anniversary! YAY for marriage! :)
 We weren't able to celebrate either one on the actual day because Saturday the 22nd we had a leaders get away day and then church on the 23rd. ( Joseph now preaches 2 services and it wears him out...so proud though!) So here was our agenda.  Monday we celebrated our Anniversary by having a delicious (spaghetti) picnic in the park and walking around the zoo, (one of Joseph's favorite places.)
Here are a few pictures of the picnic with our cheap champagne! hehe :)

That was a fun day! :) Then today (Tuesday) Joseph took off again! YAY!
So we decided to do our DTE monthly celebration.  I had already started re-painting his changing table, which my dad built for me when I was a baby, so I decided to complete it today and sew the next link in the "Wait Chain."
No pictures of the changing table because it is still in the garage drying, but as soon as I get the nursery set up you will def see it. (that will still be a while, don't want to get ahead of myself.)
But here are a few pics of the new link! :)

 Til next time! :)

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Anonymous said...

Just bought our car seat from your recommendation list. Cha-ching!